State of the Blog

So … it’s … been a while. How are things?

It’s been an eventful, what, almost-year? for us. I finished the second draft of my first novel (yay!) — staggering and slogging my way to its end sort of overtook all my other words-y projects. Hence the lengthy hiatus.

My children continued to grow, as they so frequently do.

My weight loss stalled a bit; I’ve added some bodyweight training which seems to be helping. (More on that later.) Lesson (re-)learned: What gets measured gets done.

The concrete floor paint, while still VASTLY better than carpet, is not as bombproof as I’d hoped. Lesson learned: Do the polyurethane. (Well, not so much a lesson as a hypothesis, though … again, more on that later.)

... yeah.
… yeah.
... not so much.
… not so much.

The Acrobat’s also added kicking holes in his drywall to his occasional meltdown retinue, so we’re putting an MDF wainscoting around his room, which I’ll show you as soon as I remember the paint roller frame so I can finish painting it.

My hair is … growing. I’m slowly moving from pixie to bob, with varying degrees of aplomb.  My hair is also a lot wavier than it used to be. Good thing wavy bobs are in style (or — wait — are they on the way out already? it’s hard to keep up. Particularly when Pinterest decides you no longer care about fashion in light of your recent flurry of woodworking and origami pins. News flash, Pinterest: I LOVE ALL THE THINGS).

Classic Pixie
Classic Pixie
Somewhere Between A Pixie And A Bob
Somewhere Between A Pixie And A Bob (in the worst-lit selfie of them all)

Also, the stylist had cut me the Bangs Of Doom the time before that, as you can see, so growing THOSE out is also such fun.

And mostly, I’ve been waffling about to what extent I want to discuss my political perspective here on the blog. I don’t, really — it doesn’t feel like the right place for it, you know? But politics are also very important to me, because, well, this stuff affects real people’s real lives. My real life.

Being a citizen of a representative democracy comes with, you know, responsibilities, and they matter. Ducking out of that because it’s difficult isn’t …

::deep breaths::

Okay. Yes. For real this time. If you’re interested in my political perspective, find me on

Anyway, I hope your year is shaping up the way you want it to!


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